The Distance to Here

Release Date
Oct 5, 1999
  1. Jerry Harrison
  2. Līve
  1. Ed Kowalczyk (lead vocals, rhythm guitar)
  2. Chad Taylor (lead guitar, backing vocals)
  3. Patrick Dahlheimer (bass)
  4. Chad Gracey (drums)
  5. Jerry Harrison (keyboards)
  6. Adam Kowalczyk (rhythm guitar)
  7. Michael "Railo" Railton (keyboards)
  8. Christopher Thorn (rhythm guitar, slide guitar)
  1. Radioactive
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Fourth studio album under the name Līve. It debuted number 4 on Billboard 200.
  1. The Dolphin's Cry 4:24
  2. The Distance 3:51
  3. Sparkle 4:33
  4. Run to the Water 4:28
  5. Sun 3:32
  6. Voodoo Lady 4:19
  7. Where Fishes Go 4:22
  8. Face and Ghost (The Children's Song) 4:30
  9. Feel the Quiet River Rage 4:36
  10. Meltdown 3:55
  11. They Stood Up for Love 4:35
  12. We Walk in the Dream 4:22
  13. Dance with You 4:37
Design and Illustration by Motoko Hada

Unreleased Tracks recorded for the album:

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Latest reviews

Perfection from start to finish
This album is my favorite album of all Live albums and my favorite album of all time. I never get sick of this beautiful, cohesive work. Starting with Dolphins Cry, Ed’s voice recorded close to the mic to draw the listener in. The production is dynamic with builds in the right places. The guitar tones, effects and layering make the the big parts huge and the message of love, well there it is. The Distance has a great groove Patrick and Chad G. effortlessly lay down. I love the kick at “spread your wings and fly” and the harpsichord solo is awesome. Sparkle has a pleasing, interesting verse melody that quickly builds to the chorus to hugely emphasize love again. I love Chad’s snare in this song. It pushes the song to its apex. Run to the Water is another dynamic gorgeous song. Kick and snare take us on a ride. The bridge in this song is crafted so well with a coming home feeling when returning to the chorus. Sun is energy. Jungle drums push it nicely. I love how things are tight and guitars chugged during verses. This isn’t necessarily a new concept but with the jungle drums it works so well. The bridge build does not disappoint. Voodoo Lady’s groove is sexy. The guitar’s descending in the chorus make the chorus. I look forward to air guitaring those parts every listen. Where Fishes Go somehow makes me feel like I am swimming under water. Great guitar effects. “Where you going now?” “What’s your plan?” Ed’s inhale before breathe. Love it. Face the Ghost the bass guitar in this song is exceptional. I love the layers in this song. I love the timing of the chords in the bridge. Feel the Quiet River Rage is the perfect mix of energy and texture. Middle Eastern soloing give this song a mysterious feel. I love how Ed’s voice fuzzes out in places. Meltdown is my favorite on this album. It is cinematic and makes me feel alive. It’s like riding a stallion from winter to summer. “Like a kiss from my darlin’” They Stood Up For Love The interplay between the rhythm guitar and snare makes the verses dance. But the message is of this song in this version or the piano version out there is just great. We Walk in the Dream the way the song kind of skips “ in a dream” is unexpected and great. I love how the chorus chords ascend and then descend. Tension and release. The timing of the lyrics in the chorus are very cool. Crowded in places. Dance With You rounds out this perfect album with a tender, beautiful song about letting down the walls and letting love in.
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